Your life is your choice, make it shine


If u do your best in life, that’s all anyone can ask or expect of you.

But only you really know if u’re giving your best or if u’re doing just enough to get by. It’s up to u to determine your fullest potential, to have the stamina and the get-up-and-go to do what’s required. If u’re not able to do, u’ll have issues throughout life. U may not be living to your fullest potential if u’re not making your life shine. If u choose to be less than can be, u’re missing out on a big part of potential life lessons in this lifetime. Make a point to really live a full life. Do the things u want to do and don’t give up until u achieve your goals.

Always have a positive outlook instead of a negative outlook – just that change will cause u to excel. The higher your vibration, the more your light shines into the world, drawing people to u. It’s all about making the most u can of the life u have. Life is short, so don’t let it pass u by because u were afraid to take opportunities or let fear keep u from being your true core spiritual self.

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