Slow down

Today’s society is a fast-moving jumble of instantaneous gratification. It doesn’t matter what u need to do, u can probably do it quickly. U can get your meals at a drive-thru and eat in your car, or call out for delivery and have your meals brought to your home in thirty minutes or less. U can talk to whomever u want at any time on your cell phone, or send a text message or email wherever u are. U can participate in many social networking sites via your phone so u’re never out of touch in this electronic network. Instead of taking time to pick out a personal gift for someone, u can buy a gift card. While there’s nothing wrong with any of this, your mind is working more and relaxing less.

Our world is more convenient than ever so u’ll never miss anything again, right? But wait…did u miss that smile the drive-thru worker gave u? Did u notice that lady u cut off in traffic while u were talking on the phone? Sometimes, u just need to put on the brakes to tap into your own world. When u slow down and focus on feeling every aspect of the wondrous life u’ve been given instead of speeding through it and missing parts of it, then u are acting on a more spiritual level.

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